Sundays at Battisford

Whether you live in the area or are just visiting you are welcome at our church.

Morning service 10.45-12.00

This is a family friendly service with music lead by one of the church worship groups – The music is generally contemporary in style with a sprinkling of more traditional music.

There is often a short message for the children and then after 20-30 minutes Creche and Leapfrog (children’s group) are available for children elsewhere in the building.

The Bible will then be read and our pastor or another speaker will present teaching from it for approximately 20—30 minutes.

Once a month (usually the first Sunday) Communion is served at the end of the morning service.

Evening Service 6.30 -7.45

This service again combines worship songs with the teaching of The Bible by the pastor or another speaker. Communion generally takes place on the Third Sunday evening of the month.

The last Sunday of the month is usually a Youth service led by our young people, it is often less formal, but is designed for all ages to attend.